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SAP releases S/4 HANA Readiness Check 2.0

SAP releases S/4 HANA Readiness Check 2.0

SAP has delivered the new version of its ready-for-migration utility.

SAP Readiness Check is the tool to identify whether the existing SAP ECC system is ready for conversion to S/4HANA and it is a key helper for many SAP R/3 systems owners immersed in a transition to S/4 HANA, since the ECC maintenance end date (December, 2025) is approaching quite fastly.

Compared to the first version, the improved tool includes new and improved analysis features. In addition, usability and dashboard look are improved as they are now based on SAP Fiori 3.0.  Although SAP Readiness Check 2.0 is executed in a same way as its predecessor, Simplification Item Check in the new Readiness Check delivers all the necessary actions within each item. These actions can be split to different categories in case of they are mandatory, conditional or optional. Therefore, the most important and urgent activities can be addressed from the beginning of a project.

In the same way, Add-On and Business Function Check functionalities are also part of Readiness Check 2.0 improvements. Also, the possibility to manually add third-party Add-On compatibility or the IDoc interfaces check greatly help identifying areas that might cause problems when transferring to SAP S/4HANA environment.

Therefore, S/4 HANA Readiness Check 2.0 replaces the previous version and since September, 2019 is the only tool for ECC systems evaluation provided by SAP.


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