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SugarCRM, “Visionary” for SFA

SugarCRM, “Visionary” for SFA

SugarCRM is named as “Visionary” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation.
Gartner updated the last August the report on Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation. SugarCRM keeps its position within the CRM named as “Visionaries”. Its continuous improvements on the SFA core and the new mobile app version, have strengthened SugarCRM position. Due to the different installation options (On-Deman, On-Site, On-Premise) and the platform’s flexibility, the customers highly regard SugarCRM. Gartner has remarked the following SugarCRM’s strengths:

  • Marketing strategy:Because of its multiple delivery methods and attractive pricing and platform offering, SugarCRM has appropriately positioned this SFA solution as a lower-cost, high-functionality alternative to the leading SFA providers.
  • Mobile capabilities:SugarCRM strongly improved the mobile functionality of its solution during the past year, adding automated call logging, offline mobile capabilities and a new analytics platform. Users can now save personal drafts of their opportunity forecasts.
  • Platform capabilities:Reference customers give SugarCRM strongly positive scores for quality of configurability, published APIs and technical architecture.


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