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Customized Apps

SAP FIORI. Customized apps to Fioritize every process

At ICE, we are passionate about designing new and fantastic Fiori apps, that’s why we have a multidisciplinary team that offers best quality in their customized designs for processes and layouts. Our consultants are officially certified in different Fiori aspects such as design methodologies, standard Wave-X Fiori apps and custom apps building.

The methodology we follow for the development of custom apps is as follows:


Development of custom apps

To get the best results, our consultants and developers rely on different methodologies and official tools which have been successfully tested:

 Build SplashTools to help build a prototype and manage user’s feedback and iteration

 Design thinking with SAPProblem solving methodology that helps to center the design of future apps


Process that regularly applies a set of best practices to better work in a collaborative way.

 SAPUI5Powerful l tool created by SAP that Works in the cloud and provides the necessary elements to develop Fiori apps.