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SAP Copilot: stop getting bored with your ERP

SAP Copilot: stop getting bored with your ERP

Probably, the most annoying thing in our daily business is about the tasks we have to tediously repeat once, twice or more times along those restless nine-to-five hours. All those same mouse clicks over the same screen buttons to complete our critical activities are the ones making us wonder why we still have to deal with stone age tools at the office when we are in a lustrous XXI century outside.

Obviously, is not a foolish question and nothing that could make us feel lazy or selfish, but something that have been keeping ERP design experts busy along decades trying to find the best way to make our working lives easier.

In SAP world -as is the leader brand in the ERP business- the solution initially came with Fiori, an innovative presentation layer with an intuitive and pleasing visual design which only shows the tasks that the users need to work with. The new front-end is defined by SAP as delightful, simple, coherent, adaptive and role-based, allowing the communication with the ERP from virtually any internet-enabled device: smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. so many professionals can leave their desktop PC away and still complete their daily tasks on the go.

But SAP has decided to go a step further and as of Fiori version 2.0 introduces Copilot as a tool to make ERP user’s life even easier. Copilot is the Fiori’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant which allows a conversational relationship between the user and some ERP tasks.

For example, if commercial users want to have a list of their recent sales orders, they only need to ask Copilot (either typing “show my orders” on Copilot window or directly speaking to it) and the assistant will show them, after applying the appropriate filter to all the existing orders in the database. After that and still into the assistant’s bay, users can navigate into a particular sales document or access to/create a chat with a colleague or team and attach anything, including an order, for its revision or approval.

Therefore Copilot, following another simple and intuitive XXI century conversational bots (Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc.) allows an interactive user experience in a business environment adding natural SAP characteristics like cross-applications talent, whilst holds other common AI features, as self‑learning or extensibility,

However, Copilot only works in S/4 HANA, the new and revolutionary SAP ERP which is called to replace the abstruse XX century business software by a more flexible and user-oriented experience. That is not a real problem, though, as SAP will only support S/4 HANA as of December 2025 so the sooner your company migrates to S/4 the quicker you enjoy your own century XXI business assistant.

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