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SAP for the SII (Immediate VAT Information System)

SAP for the SII (Immediate VAT Information System)

The SII is the system for communicating VAT registration books through AEAT‘s electronic Headquarters, which obliges entrepreneurs, professionals and taxpayers to provide details of invoices issued and received almost immediately, if any of the following conditions are met:

    • If they are large companies, with a turnover of more than 6 million euros.
    • If they are registered in the REDEME (Register of Monthly Refund of VAT).

This information will be sent electronically, specifically through Web Services based on the exchange of XML messages. A web service is a software system designed to support machine-to-machine interaction, through a network, in an interoperable way. It has an interface described in a format that can be processed by a computer (specifically in WSDL), through which it is possible to interact with it by exchanging SOAP messages, typically transmitted using XML serialization over HTTP together with other web standards.

The solution developed by ICE is based on the SAP eDocument Framework component, this Add-on allows us to generate electronic documents from transactional documents of the modules that will contain information required by the AEAT.
The solution implemented in the clients is identified with the eDocument Basic Solution. This Solution consists in the development of an own logic to generate and process the electronic documents, so that the relevant data structures for the generation of the electronic document are available in a standard SAP enhancement point, so that the construction of the XML file required by the authorities following the official structure, the management of the shipment and the document tracking, has been developed ad-hoc by ICE according to the functional needs of each client.

SAP solution for VAT communications AEAT

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