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SAP Solutions Center

SAP Solution Center. Global Services

The unification and consolidation of SAP Solutions in a unique environment or SAP client provides great benefits because is
allowing the organizations to share common processes along all companies and afiliates of the group.

ICE is helping its customers to stablish in the Barcelona region the SAP Solution Center from where to manage efficiently its processes from a global prospective.

  • Defining and documenting, along with Global Process Owners and project teams, the agreed-to common business processes;
  • Configuring SAP applications, based on common processes and master data definitions, into solution sets or templates;
  • Consulting with users during implementations by providing expertise, and participating on implementation projects through
    helping to configure applications, training users in process and system operation, adapting organizations and jobs to align the
    new systems;
  • Supporting users go-live by answering questions and solving problems;
  • Establishing and enforcing standards for business processes, master data, technical architecture and other common
    components of the SAP system landscape;
  • Maintaining the repository or inventory of knowledge regarding SAP at CLIENT.
  • Rollouts Quality Assurance & Risk mitigation